Cyprus & UNESCO

UNESCO is the United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation. Through its activities, UNESCO aims at the creation of circumstances that facilitate dialogue among the different cultures and peoples of the world, on the basis of mutual respect to the values and the culture of all. It is solely through dialogue and peaceful co-existence that the achievement of the world vision for sustainable development, protection of human rights and alleviation of poverty will become possible.

The general and specific aims of the international community (such as the Sustainable Development Goals - SDGs) govern all the strategies and actions of UNESCO. Its aim is to contribute to the realization of these goals through the specialized sections of action of the Organisation, which are: Education, Natural Sciences, Social and Human Sciences Culture, Communication and Information. Special attention is placed on the two global priorities: Africa and Gender Equality.

Today UNESCO is composed of 195 Members States and 9 Associate Members. The headquarters of the Organisation are in Paris.

Cyprus became a Member State of UNESCO on the 6th of February 1961.


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