Education For Sustainable Development - Cyprus

The Unit for Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD), is a permanent horizontal structure of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth. It was created with the aim of monitoring the implementation and updating of the National Strategic Planning for Environmental Education with a focus on Sustainable Development, which is the foremost policy text of the Republic of Cyprus for the promotion of Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development, in formal and non-formal education.

The key actions of the EESD Unit include:

• the management and supervision of the Governmental Network of Education Centers for Environmental and Sustainable Development, which consists of seven (7) Environmental Education Centers and constitutes a complementary structure of non-formal education on the issues of sustainable development,

• the implementation of the Curriculum for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD),

• the professional development of teachers and educators in matters of teaching and methodology of ESD, in the competences of ESD, in the Sustainable Development Goals of the Global, United Nations Agenda 2030,

• the authoring and production of educational material on the Sustainable Development Goals,

• the implementation of intervention education programs for the environment and sustainability in schools and communities,

• the promotion of a sustainable school based on a holistic school approach,

• the networking and cooperation at the national, regional and international levels with organizations and bodies that perform important work in the field of ESD such as UNESCO, UNECE, UNEP, MIO-ESDE, UoM, GENE, etc.,

• the implementation of European competitive programs for ESD, based on the use of various funding instruments,

• and the preparation of national reports on issues on Education for the Environment and Sustainable Development (EESD), as well as the production of EESD policy texts at the national, regional and international levels (update of National Strategic Planning for EESD, Mediterranean Strategy for ESD, UNECE Strategic Plan for ESD 2030 etc.).



Contact information:

Dr Aravella Zachariou

Head of the Unit for EESD

Tel.: +357 22 402352

Fax:+357 22 480505



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