One In Five

The Council of Europe announced the beginning of the campaign «One in Five» on the 29/11/2010 in Rome. This campaign is against sexual exploitation and abuse of children. The main aims of the campaign are:

  1. The signing, the ratification and the application of the Convention Lanzarote (Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse)
  2. The reinforcement of children, of their families and of the society in general with knowledge and skills to fight against sexual abuse against children. 

The Council of Europe, recognising the importance of the existence of a specialised Convention that protects completely children from sexual exploitation and abuse, adopted the Convention of Lanzarote in 2007. The Convention focuses on respecting children’s rights and ensuring their well-being, recognizing their opinions, their needs and their problems and acting on the basis of their interest.

The Cyprus National Commission for UNESCO participates in the Steering Group created in October 2013, aiming at making Cyprus capable of ratifying and applying the Convention in the following two years. With the support of the Council of Europe and the A.G. Leventis Foundation, the Steering Group has undertaken the implementation of a three-year programme (2013-2016): «Reinforcement of national policies to stop sexual abuse against children: A plan of the Council of Europe that includes pilot initiatives for Cyprus.» 


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