Cypriot Phones


Michalis Terlikkas — Music Ensemble “Moussa”

Limassol Folklore Association

Society of Cypriot Studies

Evagoras Karagiorgis

Dr Antigone Polyniki


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Phones (“Voices”) is what various melodies are called in the Cypriot music tradition, on which new couplets are sung, mainly love songs, but not exclusively. These couplets can be either old, by unknown authors, or new by now well-known authors. They are a basic expression of the oral and traditional culture of Cyprus. Adapted to the, from time to time, customs, traditions and peculiarities of the Cypriots, Cypriot Voices continue to be a form of artistic expression and creation, a means of externalising and communicating emotions and perceptions, a way of entertainment as well as an activity that promotes the formation of the individual and collective identity of Cypriots.