Traditional breads and pastries of Rizokarpaso: methods of preparation and customary life


Community Councils of Rizokarpaso of the parishes of Lekou, Anavrisi and Ayia Triada

Folklore Club of Rizokarpaso

“The Rizokarpason” Association

Cyprus Food Museum


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Traditional breads and pastries were a key element of the traditional diet of Rizokarpaso. Moreover, in the town of Rizokarpaso, the  geographical location of which is remote from other settlements and adjacent to the sea in the north, south and east, with rich flora and extensive plains where all kinds of grains were cultivated, over the centuries and with all the influences that its inhabitants received, they developed specific manufacturing techniques, a specific vocabulary for their breads and pastries (which, according to records, include more than fifty types) and different customs that are associated with them. Milestones in the life of Rizokarpasians, religious celebrations and social events were and still are inextricably linked to the preparation of traditional breads and pastries of their birthplace and are related to their customs and traditions.