Olive: Cultivation, Products, Uses


Tseri Municipality, Kapouti Community Council

Kapouti Refugee Association of Kalo Chorio

Ecclesiastical Committee of Kapouti

Cyprus Food and Nutrition Museum


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The olive tree is a long-lived dry tree, which gives valuable fruit for nutrition (green and black olives) and the production of olive oil, which has been used since antiquity for a number of other purposes as well, such as ceremonies, treatments, etc. No other tree has been identified with a region as much as the olive tree with the Mediterranean. It is the main feature of the rural Cypriot landscape. In Cyprus, the olive tree is cultivated up to an altitude of 700 metres and is considered the most widespread non-forest tree. It contributes to economic growth and environmental protection. Olives and olive oil are included in the Mediterranean diet, the benefits of which have been acknowledged internationally for decades.