Dairy culture of Cyprus: traditional practices, manufacturing techniques and customary life


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Cyprus dairy products include: Halloumi, anari [mizithra], cheese for flaounas [an Easter delicacy made with cheese, eggs, milk and raisins], yogurt, trahana, halidja, akathkiotiko cheese. Also, milk butter, tsippa [heavy cream], halloumi butter, anari butter, tyropoulles [small uncooked halloumi made from the remnants of drosinos (curd)]. Finally, in the last 80 years kefalotyri has been widely manufactured in Cyprus. The traditional dairy products of Cyprus were a key element of the traditional diet and are therefore considered a key element of the Mediterranean Diet. In addition, specific manufacturing techniques have been developed, which in some cases are also characterised by local variations.

A remarkable feature of the Cypriot dairy culture that has been recorded is the development of a system of cooperative solidarity in the manufacturing of the main dairy product of Cyprus, halloumi, but also trahana, which is considered the national soup dish of Cyprus. In addition, it is noted that dairy products are linked to specific life events (e.g. Tyrofagou Week (the Cheese-eating Week), social visits-coffee between neighbours, funerals, etc.).