Easter Customs


Folklore Association “KTIMA” Pafos


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Easter is considered to be the greatest celebration of Orthodoxy and every year the faithful follow with devotion the Lord’s journey from the Sabbath of Lazarus to His Resurrection. Along with their participation in the liturgy, Cypriot families experience these holy days through a series of customs, which are a legacy of older generations to younger ones. Young and old alike participate in the re-enactment of Palm Sunday, the decorating and procession of the Epitaph, the preparation of Easter pastries, the preparation of the lambradja (a big bonfire where Judas is symbolically burned for his betrayal), the first Resurrection on Holy Saturday morning and the culmination in the evening of the Resurrection when all the faithful rush to hear the ‘Kalos Logos’ (the Good News of the Lord’s Resurrection). The passing of the holy light from one person to the next symbolizes the fellowship of all Christians.