Traditional diet and customary practices in the community of Rizokarpaso


Community Councils of Rizokarpaso of the parishes of Lekou, Anavrisi and Ayia Triada

Folklore Club of Rizokarpaso

“The Rizokarpason” Association


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The traditional dishes of Rizokarpaso and especially the Rizokarpasian skordalia (garlic dip), the teratsia ofto (roast lamb cooked with carob leaves), the lottou kapira (piglet stuffed with bulgur) etc. are linked to our history and therefore must be recorded, preserved and promoted, because they are part of the culture of the occupied town. These dishes reflect the culture, history, traditions and, generally, the way of life and expression of Rizokarpasians. They are preserved and directly linked to the way of life, history, geography, the influences of conquerors and other neighbouring peoples and generally the customary life of the inhabitants of Rizokarpaso and are related to their agricultural activities and the cultivation and production of specific agricultural products, vegetables and herbs and what the sea, hunting and generally the flora and fauna of the area offered them.