Music and dance performance "To Poulaki"


Farmakas Community

Farmakas Association of expatriates and friends


Date of inscription: 2023


Brief description:

The play "To Poulaki" (translation: the Bird), with structural elements of singing and dance stepping without the accompaniment of musical instruments, is found only in the community of Farmakas. However, the song that accompanies the dance-step is a folk numerical song that we find in variations in different regions of Cyprus and in the wider Greek area. More specifically, after the end of the church service of the Vesper of Love, on Easter Sunday, at 12 noon, all the residents of the village, permanent and expatriates, as well as visitors, gather on the west side of the church of Saint Irene, where they set up in a straight line facing the church to sing "To Poulaki". The same scene is repeated after the end of the Divine Liturgy on Easter Monday at 1:00 p.m. and on Easter Tuesday at 2:00 p.m. Depending on their personal mood, the participants take part in the dance action or watch its progress. The Vocal and Dance Act "To Poulaki" marks the beginning of the festive events of Easter in the village of Farmakas.