Tsipopita from Lefkoniko and the Neighbouring Villages of Mesaoria, Gypsou, Peristeronopigi, Milia


Lefkoniko Municipality

Communities of Peristeronopigi, Gypsou and Milia of Famagusta


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Brief description:

The tsipopita (pie made with heavy cream) is part of the cultural heritage of Lefkoniko and the communities of the surrounding area, Peristeronopigi, Milia and Gypsou. Every social event was intertwined with the kneading of their traditional pastries, mainly the fragrant tsipopita. All the houses had plenty of flour, while many others also had sheep. When they milked their sheep, they would leave the milk uncovered overnight and in the morning they would take the butter that stood on top like a crust. This is the tsipa (the heavy cream), the raw material for the preparation of the tsipopita. According to testimonies: “They prepared a firm dough with flour, a little salt, olive oil and lukewarm water. They spread a thin sheet of dough with the “marzadjin” (rolling pin) on the “sanithkia” (wooden board) and spread plenty of tsipa on top and rolled it up in a roll. They repeated the same two or three times, until it became a thick roll. Then they would spread plenty of tsipa on the roll and placed it in a buttered baking pan. They baked it in a wood-fire oven with breads they prepared. When it browned, they poured plenty of cold syrup over it”.